Do you want fuller, healthier lashes? How Revitalash works

Do you want fuller, healthier lashes? How Revitalash works

Long, thick and full eye lashes are high on the beauty wish list and many people want to obtain this effortlessly without the need for mascara, false eyelashes or eyelash extensions. We  stock Revitalash lash conditioner and other products from the Revitalash range at Revivify London and regularly recommend to clients as part of their rejuvenation treatment. We have received excellent feedback from clients on its effectiveness in producing beautiful eyelashes.

How does Revitalash work?

Like the skin, the hair growth process can also be subject to the ageing process. Revitalash was developed my a doctor who wished to improve hair condition and promises to address the visual signs of eyelash ageing such as dry and brittle lashes which may break off. Revitalash works by conditioning the lashes with cosmeceutical ingredients and botanical extracts;  the lashes are left moisturised, with increased shine.

Revitalash contains a unique complex of peptides and amino acids to fortify the hair protein (keratin). Revitalash also contains botanicals such as ginseng, rich in antioxidants, which helps protect eyelash hairs. Other extracts such as saw palmetto are rich in fatty acids and plant sterols, to boost shine and suppleness.

What are the advantages of Revitalash eyelash conditioner?

Mascara, eyelash glue and eyelash extensions can sometimes cause wear and tear to the lashes. Conditioning the lashes can help strengthen them, produce naturally thicker and longer lashes, and minimise eyelash breakage.

How often do you use Revitalash?

Daily; on clean skin, perhaps as part of your night time beauty routine. You can apply a thin line to the lash line and only a small amount is needed to work on the lashes 

How long will it last?

Three or six month supplies are available, and the appearance of the eyelashes will be improved and in greater condition soon after daily use.