What are the main Aesthetic trends for 2016?

What are the main Aesthetic trends for 2016?

The aesthetic  medicine field is a fast growing and progressive industry, with new non-invasive treatments and techniques being introduced regularly. Here are our predictions for the top aesthetic trends in 2016.

1) Nutraceuticals and nutrition consults for better skin

skinade 2

With the rise of nutraceuticals such as Skinade and Aneva derma, many practitioners are recommending drinks fortified with hydrolysed collagen and tailored nutrients. These nutraceuticals have been shown in clinical trials to boost collagen production and the overall complexion. At Revivify London, Dr Samizadeh regularly recommends such nutraceuticals to her clients undergoing the thread lift and dermal filler treatments to assists collagen regeneration.

   Many practitioners adopt the holistic approach, and if for example, a client seeks treatment for a certain skin condition such as acne, they may recommend nutritional consults to eliminate any acne triggering causes such as diet and food intolerances. We collaborate with Peck Nutrition, for those clients interested in exploring their nutrition.

Skinade(1) (Before and after the use of Skinade)

2) The Non- surgical brow lift

With the rise of statement brows last year, it is increasingly popular to focus on the brow area. There are various non-surgical techniques that can lift and alter the shape of the brow, which in turn opens up the eye area for a more youthful look.

photo (2)

3) Tear trough treatment

Beauty / Photo retouch, before and after

Many clients want to look rejuvenated, refreshed and less tired, like they have had a good sleep or come back from a great holiday. Tear trough treatment treats the undereye area and common complaints such as dark circles and puffiness with injections of dermal fillers, vitamins, and amino acids tailored to restore the under eye area. This procedure has minimal discomfort and is undertaken with a local anesthetic. Tear trough treatment is an effective technique for revitalising the eye area without the need for surgical interventions

4) Treatments for younger demographics

It is becoming a popular trend for younger individuals to seek non invasive treatments such as dermal lip fillers and chemical peels. This may be in part due to celebrity culture, or the fact that non-invasive procedures are more accessible these days. This prompts the need for more regulation and education on safety in aesthetic medicine, to avoid younger individuals seeking treatments with unqualified practitioners; unaware of the risks and potential side  effects

5) Thread lifts

There is rising popularity for non surgical thread lifts. The Silhouette Soft threadlift provides an instantly lifting effect as well as collagen regeneration over subsequent months. This provides a natural lifted aesthetic, without the need for surgery. The thread lift takes place in under and hour under local anesthetic. Dr Samizadeh regularly attends world expert summits on the procedure and has had outstanding results with clients.


6) Improved safety in aesthetic medicine

As Aesthetic medicine is a fast growing field, the need for regulation and legislation on safety and protocols still exists. Campaigns like Save Face help educate those seeking aesthetic treatments on how to choose a qualified healthcare practitioner and avoid putting themselves at risk. Dr Samizadeh actively works to assist improved safety in aesthetic medicine. We actively educate our clients and help raise awareness, and push for regulations and legislation to come into action to protect individuals seeking aesthetic treatments.