5 things to consider before having non-surgical treatments

5 things to consider before having non-surgical treatments

1. Downtime

Leading a busy lives with  limited time off work can mean many worry about the downtime associated with non surgical aesthetic procedures. Many advancements in both practitioner knowledge and product formulations mean that a large majority of non-surgical procedures have minimal downtime, if any.

Dermal fillers and botulinum toxin A injections take place in under an hour, typically with minimal bruising and swelling. Apart from taking certain precautions such as avoiding saunas and contact sports for a few weeks, normal day to day activities can be resumed shortly after the procedure.  Next generation post-procedural mineral makeup can help conceal any areas affected by bruising or reddening.

2. Worries about pain and discomfort

Worries about pain and discomfort are big concerns for many; although some discomfort will still be felt, certain anesthetic options can be offered such as numbing creams or local anesthetic injections. Post procedural pain is typically minimal, and can be improved with painkillers and ice application. Your medical aesthetic practitioner will be able to advise and prescribe the best course of pre and post procedural care to minimise discomfort and pain.

3. Cost

Many are worried about the cost of aesthetic procedures and may opt for “backstreet botox” with unqualified practitioners with little to no experience to save on the cost.  It is very important to seek experienced medical practitioners and avoid cheaper procedures and risking health.

Often, established practitioners will hold model days to build on their portfolio or for training purposes and will offer greatly subsidised procedure prices. Training days are undertaken as part of continuing professional development for medically trained individuals who are GDC, GMC or GNC registered, are insured, and operating within a clinic environment.

4. Concerns over choosing the right practitioner 

One of the primary concerns when considering aesthetic procedures such as anti ageing treatments is ensuring your treatment is undertaken by a trained and experienced healthcare professional. Non-surgical aesthetic procedures such as wrinkle reduction (Botox) injections and dermal fillers are not risk free; sound knowledge and experience is required to ensure that the risks are reduced and the best aesthetic outcome is achieved.

A healthcare professional has extensive training and experience in healthcare, patient care and medical procedures. In addition, they have received training on how to deal with any emergencies. Similarly, the procedures should always take place in a safe environment where there are appropriate hygiene and clinical protocols implemented to minimise any risks of the procedure.

Your practitioner should be trained for the procedures they are offering. This would be additional training to their first healthcare degree. Time invested in further education and training means your practitioner is investing in giving you the best treatment.

5. Concerns over aesthetic results 

If you are concerned about aesthetic results, many practitioners can offer computer simulation to indicate the results of your procedure. Similarly, temporary fillers can be offered to indicated results of several procedures such as non-surgical nose reshaping. At Revivify London, we always consider the natural harmony of the face, and endeavor to produce natural looking beautiful aesthetic results.