What skincare do I need for my age? The forties

What skincare do I need for my age? The forties

In your forties, you may start to notice some deeper skin and facial ageing such as wrinkles, some loss of facial volume, and hyperpigmentation (brown spots on the skin). Along with incorporating antioxidants into your skin care, SPF, and a good skin care ritual, there are a few additions which could help in your anti-ageing routine for more youthful skin.


Retinoids are derivatives of vitamin A and are a key addition to an anti-ageing routine. They have been clinically shown to reverse the early signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles and some of the brown spots. You may need a prescription from your aesthetic practitioner (healthcare professional), and an assessment is require to analyze which type and concentration of retinoid is best for you. Retinoids are potent anti-ageing compounds and work by increasing collagen synthesis, stimulating new blood vessels, and can even benefit acne and psoriasis. Retinoids are thought to be the most effective ingredient by many dermatologists at decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and lines. For sun damaged skin, retinoids are also useful at helping to reverse the hallmarks of sun damaged skin.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is the molecule key to retaining water in the skin, giving a plump, youthful appearance and is naturally occurring throughout the body. Unfortunately, hyaluronic acid production decreases significantly with age, which leads to a loss of volume in key areas of the face and skin that may be more dry and dull. Skin dryness, or senile dryness, is a clinical hallmark of skin ageing which can be corrected with a good skin serum and moisturiser that helps prevent water loss from the skin. Similarly, certain skin care formulations with forms of hyaluronic acid such as sodium hyaluronate can penetrate the skin surface,  improve hydration, and plump the skin surface, but for more substantial loss of volume such as in the cheeks; hyaluronic based fillers may be an option to explore. For consistently dry skin, micro injected hyaluronic acid based Skin boosters  can also help increase hydration


Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids such as glycolic acid and malic acid are great for skin rejuvenation and producing smoother, softer skin. AHAs occur naturally in many fruits, and have been utilised in many effective skin exfoliation products.  As rougher skin texture is a hallmark sign of ageing, this can be combated with these compounds.  AHAs are available in low concentration forms for weekly or daily use, which can give you smooth, soft skin by sloughing away dead skin cells and helping skin cell turnover,  or in higher concentrations applied by aesthetic practitioners as a peel. Next generation peels have very little downtime, if any, and can be tailored to be superficial or deeper acting depending on the condition of the skin,  and if there is acne scarring or sun damage present.

Collagen boosters

Collagen synthesis also decreases with age, further affecting the skin’s structural integrity.  It has been shown that vitamin C is a collagen protector and also boosts collagen synthesis. Incorporating a L-ascorbic acid based serum (the bioavailable, penetrating form of  topical vitamin C) could help protect collagen from further degradation. Vitamin C also works hand in hand with vitamin E in powerful antioxidant processes, making both great additions for skin care at every age.

Decolletage, Neck & Hand care

In your forties, it’s a perfect time to start paying more attention to your decolletage, hands and neck as the skin will begin to become thinner and lines may start to show. Use rich creams with lifting benefits, and overnight treatments for your hands such as nourishing skin oils; work in to your daily morning and nighttime skincare routine.