What skincare do I need for my age? Part 2: The thirties

What skincare do I need for my age? Part 2: The thirties

    In your thirties, it may be necessary to pay a little more attention to your anti-ageing skincare routine. Along with important skincare rituals established in your twenties such as using an antioxidant rich system and wearing sunscreen with a good SPF, there are a few other products and ingredients you can introduce to maximise your anti-ageing routine.

Eye Cream & Eye care

One of the most important skincare additions in your thirties is a great eye cream, some of the first signs of ageing on the face are fine lines and crow’s feet around the eyes. If you are already using a moisturiser you love, look for the eye cream in that range, as it is most likely to work with your skin. You only need a tiny amount, and make sure it is dabbed on very lightly with your fingers. Eye cream is typically thick in consistency, so it may need a while to soak in; this is usually best put on at night. For a refreshing experience; store your eye cream in the fridge before use.

If you have dark under eye circles, which can be due to genetics, dehydration, lifestyle or thin skin around the eyes, there are a few different potential products. Creams with vitamin C or ceramides may brighten and protect the skin around your eyes. It is also important to drink adequate water and get enough sleep to combat dark circles. When cleansing your eyes this is the time to be extra gentle,  and you should blot eyes gently with a good, gentle, micellar or oil cleanser and never rub or stretch the delicate skin around the eye.

Sun damage & SPF

In your thirties, you may begin to see some slight signs of sun damage such as freckles and hyperpigmentation. You can help stop further sun related ageing in its tracks by wearing SPF daily. As you get older, the effects of sun damage will look more severe, so it is important to introduce SPF as early on as possible. There are many products that can help prevent further damage; so look for antioxidant rich formulations. Tanning products do not contain SPF, so while you may look tanned, it is always important to remind yourself you will always need SPF to be protected.

Deeper Exfoliation & Moisturisation

   In your thirties, you are likely to be more perceptive to the needs of your skin and which ingredients aggravate or improve it. This means you will have a better understanding of how often to exfoliate, and what type of moisturiser works for you. However, If you are struggling with skin dullness and a lack of radiance, or your skin isn’t at its softest, you can boost your skin tone with at home AHAs such as glycolic acid based exfoliants found on the high street or opt for clinic assisted peels. As with any acid based exfoliation, avoid sun contact after and always wear SPF.  If you are experiencing  dry skin,  introducing a night cream in addition to your day cream may be of benefit, but try not to go too heavy or use moisturisers for more mature skin.  Treating your skin  to rich face masks, once or twice a week can help nourish the skin.