Skin supplements: Can your anti-ageing routine begin from within?

Skin supplements: Can your anti-ageing routine begin from within?

A diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, antioxidants, vitamins and essential minerals is key to beautiful, healthy skin.  Studies have shown how youthful skin is linked to vitamin C consumption, a potent collagen stimulator and protector. Unfortunately as we age, collagen production decreases, contributing to loss of elasticity and causing typical hallmarks of ageing skin. What if there was a way of replenishing collagen through supplementation?


This blog post explores the current skincare trend of drinkable skin supplements such as Skinade and how these skin supplements could be beneficial to anti-ageing from within. We stock Skinade at Revivify London clinic, and hope this post touches on the science behind skin supplementation. We believe Skinade plays a beneficial role after treatments such as thread lift (non-surgical face lift)

What is the Science behind Skinade?

As we age, our collagen production decreases. Collagen is needed to maintain the structural integrity of the skin and firmness and elasticity. Collagen drinks utilise our current knowledge about how collagen is synthesised and used in the body. Skinade is manufactured in UK.  Skinade is a unique formulation designed to deliver collagen and essential micronutrients in a liquid form; using advanced technology and high quality ingredients to help maintain hydration and skin function.

Skinade contains bioavailable collagen formulated with a tailored mix of various skin boosting nutrients; featuring flaxseed oil which is rich in omega 3 and 6 and vital for healthy skin, as well as B vitamins, anti-inflammatory MSM and vitamin C.  Key in the formulation is the addition of low molecular weight collagen peptides; in which 95% of these collagen peptides have been shown to be absorbed fully into the body. The presence of these peptides in the bloodstream initiates fibroblasts to synthesise more collagen, and this has had some significant measurable effects on ageing skin.

The effectiveness of Skinade collagen peptides was tested in two clinical studies carried out in France and Japan on 80 women aged 35 to 59. One group  were given 10g of collagen peptides to take orally while a control group were given a placebo. These studies showed:

  • “After 12 weeks, the number of micro-relief furrows significantly decreased by 26% in the peptide group. In the placebo group, the number of deep wrinkles increased by 30%.
  • Skin suppleness increased by 19%
  • After 6 weeks, 77% of the peptide group’s micro-relief furrows decreased by 41% and after 12 weeks, 68% of the group showed a 17% decrease in total wrinkle surface. “

These clinical trial results show Skinade is a fantastic way to begin your anti-ageing routine from within and shows how a well formulated collagen drink can help turn back the clock on ageing. A skincare trend with some proven anti-ageing benefits. Please feel free to contact us for more information.