Is your aesthetic practitioner qualified?

Is your aesthetic practitioner qualified?

One of the primary concerns when considering aesthetic procedures such as anti ageing treatments is ensuring your treatment is undertaken by a trained and experienced healthcare professional. Non-surgical aesthetic procedures such as wrinkle reduction (Botox) injections and dermal fillers are not risk free; sound knowledge and experience is required to ensure that the risks are reduced and the best aesthetic outcome is achieved.

Here we share some tips to help you choose the right practitioner and environment for your treatment.

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Are they a healthcare professional operating in a clinical setting?

Because regulations for non-surgical aesthetic procedures are currently not in place, it can mean that people who have not had medical training can offer these treatments. A healthcare professional should always be sought to ensure your safety as well as ensuring regulated, authentic products are used. Healthcare professionals are registered with their regulatory body: GMC (Doctors), GDC (Dentists) and GNC for prescribing nurses. This registration makes the professional accountable for any procedure they provide.

Why choose a healthcare professional?

A healthcare professional has extensive training and experience in healthcare, patient care and medical procedures. In addition, they have received training on how to deal with any emergencies. Your healthcare professional should also be additionally trained in the treatments they are offering. Similarly, the procedures should always take place in a safe environment where there are appropriate hygiene and clinical protocols implemented to minimise any risks of the procedure.

Do they have insurance?

Insurance is a necessity for any clinics offering non-surgical procedures. This is to protect you and the clinic.

Have they received appropriate training?

Your practitioner should be trained for the procedures they are offering. This would be additional training to their first healthcare degree. Time invested in further education and training means your practitioner is investing in giving you the best treatment.

Have you read reviews from past clients?

Client testimonials are an initial attempt to get to know your practitioner. Client satisfaction is a key indicator of the overall ambience and comfort of the clinic and procedures; a good practitioner will make you feel calm and at ease.

Does your practitioner take time in your consultation?

It is important for you to understand the procedure you are undertaking with all its risks, benefits and how to implement post-procedural care. A diligent practitioner will take time to talk through all of these factors with you and answer any questions you may have.

Does your practitioner offer a wide range of treatments?

Always look for a wide range of treatments being offered by the practitioner, this is a sign that the practitioner is likely to have undergone multiple training courses in the field, and is not just offering ” quick fix” treatments. This indicates the practitioner wants to be able to offer clients a range of suitable procedures to choose from, more tailored to their needs.

Our recommendations

  • If you suffer from severe skin conditions, it is best to see a dermatologist to seek treatment
  • For non-surgical aesthetic treatments and injectables such as wrinkle reduction injections and dermal fillers, make sure your aesthetic practitioner is a healthcare professional (doctor, dentist or medical nurse)
  • Check that your aesthetic practitioner is qualified for the treatments they are offering
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Take your time to think over the options given, risks and benefits prior to proceeding with the treatment
  • Be sure your aesthetic practitioner will be available for after care support

What would your experience at Revivify London be like?

At Revivify London, your consultation will be holistic and tailored to you and your desired outcome. Dr Samizadeh will take into account your lifestyle, genetics, skin type, and diet. She will also offer treatment options and discuss realistic outcomes for your treatment; looking at improving the overall aesthetics of your face. The ageing process is global, and while treating lines and wrinkles may be a solution, Dr Samizadeh looks at the bigger picture and will discuss with you treatment for the root cause of your concerns too.

It is our aim to give you a beautiful appearance, respecting your natural facial features and proportions; we always strive to achieve facial harmony. Patient safety and comfort is also paramount, and we can assure you that you will feel safe and at ease at Revivify London.

Dr Samizadeh, The Clinical Director at Revivify London, regularly presents at national and international aesthetic conferences, for her Biography please see here

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