Getting Lippy –Suctioning or Dermal Fillers?

Getting Lippy –Suctioning or Dermal Fillers?

     It is clear that sexy, pouty lips are one of the big lip trends of 2015. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner and the entire Kardashian family have caused a lip liner and dermal filler frenzy across the planet as other women clamour for a sexy pout just like theirs, and as a result a few new products and techniques have come on to the market.

Last month Youtube was flooded with videos of young women attempting to achieve the signature Kylie Jenner pout suctioning their mouths by completing the “shot glass challenge”. The results posted ranged anywhere from laughably swollen to hideously disfigured, but that didn’t seem to stop countless young women – and even a few young men – from trying to mimic the look. It was a case of lip plumping gone wild!

While the shot glass challenge is an extreme example of suctioning, it may surprise you to know that there are many popular beauty blogs  that are espousing the benefits of suctioning products as a way to get a fuller smile? Lip suction products claim to give users a temporary boost to the fullness of their lips, providing a short term beauty fix that they claim has no side effects and lasts for up to four hours.

So are these products and techniques a good idea, and even a replacement for the ever popular, reliable effects of dermal fillers?

It is clear to see that there are some not so hidden negative side effects of the suctioning process. First of all, even one 20 second session can cause bruising and hickeys to appear around your mouth – and broken blood vessels are not a very sexy look on anyone.

When you suction your lips you have very little control over what happens to your final look, and it is possible to make your smile misshapen, asymmetrical and ruin a special event or date night with disfigured lips.  Finally, while the temporary nature of suctioning can be viewed as a positive, the short lived effects mean that you will have to suction your lips every few hours to achieve consistent results – this can be time consuming and even painful, causing bruising and burst blood vessels.

Affordable non-surgical procedure such as enhancement by dermal fillers conducted by an artistic professional can give you lips that are stunning and naturally luscious. Dermal fillers can last from six to twelve months, and then the results start to gradually and gently diminish.  At this point you can elect to book another procedure or allow your mouth’s natural shape to return.

Let’s face it – lip suctioning is a fad best left alone. If you have always desired a sexier, fuller smile, put away gimmicky contraptions and the shot glasses and instead make a booking with Dr Samizadeh at  Revivify London Clinic  in Mayfair, London for a full consultation.

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